Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond Commission, TaBLE The table is regency design using Walnut burr and Maple inlays and cockbeading. Putting my contemporary spin on things, all cockbeading, veneer patterns and profiles are diamond shaped combining the theme ‘ Blood Diamond’. Roots I wanted to make something that would capture people’s interest, also showcasing my traditional cabinetmaking skills.  […]

Thorn Table

Thorn Table Commission, TaBLE The inspiration for the design of this table came from my local wood. I wanted to bring my favourite place home, so I hand made some thorny looking twigs with a spoke shave; using maple and walnut as my preferred timbers. Share on facebook Share on twitter Roots Lorem ipsum dolor […]

Tea Table

Tea Table Commission, TaBLE Less is more with this contemporary spin on tradition. This hall table stands proudly on four tall, sleek, cabriole legs, with a fun burst of colour. Share on facebook Share on twitter Design This table is a traditional design using the cabriole legs and ‘pie crust’ moulding. We used Cherry timber […]

Reading Table

Reading Table Commission, TaBLE This reading table was designed to fit within its surroundings, and to have storage. To keep on theme being a reading table, I had veneered the top using a ‘book matched’ technique. This is when you open two leaves of veneer from the tree as if you were opening a book. […]

Hall Table

Hall Table Commission, TaBLE With this table we wanted to maximise the light in a small, shadowed area. To do this we added a mirror to the top to bounce any light and made the table using Maple – a light timber.  Share on facebook Share on twitter Roots Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur […]

Ext. Dining Table

Art Deco Table Commission, TaBLE The client specified a high gloss Art Deco style table that could be extendable, using Macassar ebony timber. They had mentioned that they didn’t like the idea of the commonly used art deco style base frames, which are a ‘U’ shaped form sat on a plinth. Share on facebook Share […]

Blossom Table

Blossom Table Commission, TaBLE Looking into a flower head, I wanted to bring this vista home and make a table that was forever in bloom. A timeless piece of furniture.  Share on facebook Share on twitter Roots I wanted to create the curiosity of construction, as there are no square edges acting as reference points. […]