Howard Butler

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Howard Butler

Watch Box

Commission, Presentation Box

I had designed this watch box purely around the watch. Looking at the watch face, you will see the hour markings are detailed from what look like bars, sat above the working movement. I had replicated this look by using walnut bars on the lid and surrounding the whole box, almost like a skeleton frame.

Hidden Details

The secret to this box is the hidden dovetail drawer that holds the booklet of the watches transformation to current day. This drawer is released on a spring action by pressing the brass rod on the inside of the box.

Shape and Form

In between this frame I used Walnut burr with its busy grain pattern, this burr is to replicate the workings of the watch. The walnut bars on the lid of the box all align towards the brass ring, this is 43mm in diameter replicating the bezel of the watch. The ring is engraved with the name and date of the watch when it started life in 1890 as a pocket watch, before being transformed in to a wristwatch.



Selecting the right material for a Howard Butler piece is an essential part of developing it’s character. Knowing not only how it will look aesthetically today but how it will age and strengthen over time. Each HB creation also comes with a guide on how to keep it fresh and last a lifetime.

“The watchstraps are made from alligator leather, so I lined the box with the same leather. This box has a very elegant feel and vista to it, complementing the watch itself.

“Perfection is all in the execution”