Howard Butler

Bespoke Furniture

Howard Butler


Commission, Bookcase

Using multiple layers to give contrast in construction, this piece stands out and changes its aesthetic in different lighting situations.


The influence for this piece was music, it was to house a record player plus an extensive record collection.

Shape and Form

Using ash and oak created a nice subtle contrast. I made a feature of the doors by bricking timber in an interesting pattern – this idea was a nod to the old bell housings in your home used for your landline. 



Selecting the right material for a Howard Butler piece is an essential part of developing it’s character. Knowing not only how it will look aesthetically today but how it will age and strengthen over time. Each HB creation also comes with a guide on how to keep it fresh and last a lifetime.


Oak / Ash

“Simplicity on face value reveals more functional storage behind the centre doors.”

“Perfection is all in the execution”