Howard Butler

Bespoke Furniture

Howard Butler

Blossom Table

Commission, TaBLE

Looking into a flower head, I wanted to bring this vista home and make a table that was forever in bloom. A timeless piece of furniture.


I wanted to create the curiosity of construction, as there are no square edges acting as reference points.

Complexity made simple.

Shape and Form

This contempory style product is finished using a traditional French polish technique. Which consist of shellac and button polish, being pulled over to create a deep coloured shine.


Selecting the right material for a Howard Butler piece is an essential part of developing it’s character. Knowing not only how it will look aesthetically today but how it will age and strengthen over time. Each HB creation also comes with a guide on how to keep it fresh and last a lifetime.


All eight handmade legs, cast great shadows from crisp clean detail faces. The legs are secured to the top using wedged tennons .

“Perfection is all in the execution”