One offs perfectly tailored to the clients vision

Passion and attention to detail are two of the main elements at work during the process. Staying true to the integrity of the material and handling it with respect maintains the properties for which it was specifically chosen, producing items of optimum quality.

The Blood Diamond
Art Deco Table
Thorn Table
Reading Table
Watch Box
Tea Table
Treasure Chest
Illuminating Bookcase
Seven Legged Chair
Hall Table
Blossom Table
Leaf Bench
Golf Media Unit
Skateboard Unit
Eames Cabinet

A series of one offs..

Each commission has a place in the larger collection of HB pieces. While maintaining a large variety of styles to elaborate on a client’s desires, there is a consistency in design, construction and the signature handmade joints which are an unmistakable mark of quality in everything which leaves the workshop.

If you would like to be part of the commissioning experience please get in contact using the form below.